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John Tyler President John Tyler wore a die-cast gold lapel pin

The country was in a state of confusion because there was no set process of succession. Ultimately, Tyler took the Oath of Office on April 6, 1841, becoming the first vice president to assume the office upon the death of a president.

Although his succession was approved, Tyler was never fully accepted as president. Many referred to him by the nickname, “His Accidency.” His legacy was best known for annexing the Republic of Texas in 1845.

The official portrait of Tyler (circa 1865) shows him wearing a dark suit, a vest, a bow tie, and a white shirt with a high collar. A gold lapel pin crowns the center of his shirt.

If you look closely at Tyler’s pin, it looks like it is made of cast gold with a diamond in the center. The look is modern, yet elegant.

At The Monterey Company, we are experts in replicating original lapel pins, such as Tyler’s, with real or simulated diamonds. We can design one for you. All we’d need is a photograph, drawing or description.

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