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Custom Lapel pins are an honorable way to celebrate and support our firefighters!

The recent wildfires in Colorado have had a devastating impact on the communities there and continue to do so as the fires rage on with no end in sight. The state has suffered a loss of property, damages to resources, homes and sadly lives. To date that we know of, there have been over 300 deaths. The loss has been so great that there has been a presidential major disaster declaration issued that will bring in additional federal assistance to the communities of Colorado.

Brave firefighters and emergency response workers have been working tirelessly as they always do to help fight the fires and lend assistance to those fleeing their neighborhoods. It always amazes all of us, to see such heroism in action. Never a hesitation, or a second of giving up. Each of the firefighters coming in to help with these devastating fires, most putting in overtime as much as humanly possible to keep as much damage and loss at bay.

We see it time and again, don’t we? Our modern day heroes are the firefighters that always come to our rescue. In countless situations, both small and large, there they are to assist with injuries, fires, accidents, destruction and to help calm people down. Commemorating them with pins, coins, and medals seems like such a small gesture of gratitude, but really?  How else to remind them over and over again of how much we rely on them, need them, and appreciate the tireless work they do on our behalf?

Fire Department coins and lapel pins have gained new popularity in the last few years. The gifting of these items has proven to be a great way to honor the many selfless public service employees who protect the lives of ordinary citizens on a daily basis. Custom Fire and Police coins can boost a sense of pride, honor, courageous acts and dedication, or even serve as a fundraiser for various charities.

It’s important to remember this now as we go through this tragedy. These heroes that care for our safety and are fighting valiantly for our lives and our communities will need a hearty pat on the back and some much-deserved recognition with this is all over!

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