The value of custom sentimental lapel pins is deeper than just the material’s worth. It’s nostalgia that truly counts.

There is no denying the attention-grabbing the appeal of unique custom recognition pins which is why they make a great gift to give and to get. Perhaps the pin is from your business, or something you plan to give at a fundraiser, or even a memento from the bride and groom at the last wedding you attended but created cleverly, the pin will be something that the receiver will wear over and over again. Adorned on the upper chest within another person’s sight line, lapel pins are an eye-catching conversation starter. They add just the right amount of flair to any lapel, tie, pocket, scarf, suspender, jacket, or whatever garment you wish to spruce up that day.

On the receiving end, about a year ago, I was in a coffee shop and the young lady taking my order happened to be wearing a lapel pin. These little pins are just the ticket for starting a conversation. “I love your lapel pin. Does it have a story?” I asked her. She thanked me for noticing and began to tell me that it was to raise money for a nonprofit group to help her brother with special needs. She continued with a few extra details, and I

loved her story so much that I offered to make a donation. When she brought out my order, I wrote her a check and to my surprise, she gave me a lapel pin just like hers. I love wearing it even today, and it reminds me of a terrific cause and makes me feel good.

Custom Recognition Pins Designed In Days!

Another lapel pin that makes me feel good was a parting gift from a wedding from two very close friends. The pin had a gold heart in the middle and it said, ‘P.S. I love you,’ around the heart. The groom was Peter and the bride was Stacy, hence the P and the S. Even though the pin was personal to the wedding, they created it in a simple generic style. The sentiment, P.S. I love you, is a general and common saying so that all the guests could wear the gift over and over. Peter and Stacy had 500 guests and the pins probably cost them 2-3 dollars each. If you ask me, that is a great gift price for that many to need to give. Oh, and P.S. Peter and Stacy, I love my pin!

The third pin I wish to tell you about came from a chartered fishing trip I went on. There were a few other women on the trip and while most of the swag they gave away was geared for men, like the hats and t-shirts, the lapel pin was a great crossover gift. Sentimental lapel pins are the perfect unisex piece of jewelry if you think about it. One can put it on to express personal style, promote a business, or tout a favorite hobby like in the case of this fishing trip. They are subtle and create such an unobtrusive accent to any outfit you choose to put it on. The pin I received from this fishing trip happens to be one of my all time favorite pins. It is a salmon… hmmm, or is it a trout? While it does not attract the same attention that my multi-colored, sparkly peace sign pin does or the one that says, “FREE HUGS”, my salmon is the one I like to put on and then daydream about being in a river with my fly rod and reel. The pin does attract a comment or two from other fishermen and thus, a conversation and new friendship begin. The charter master had 100 of these custom pins made to give away to each guest and every time I wear it, I think about the good times from the trip and it makes me want to sign up to go fish with them again.

So by now, you must think I have a drawer full of sentimental lapel pins. Actually, I have about 10 and my goal is 31. That way I am guaranteed to have a different pin for every day of the month. Of course, I have my favorites that I wear more often than others. Today, I am wearing my lucky 4 leaf clover pin in hopes to win the evening lotto draw. Wish me luck!