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The athletic director from the Junior Basketball League in Michigan called our company in a frantic state. “I need 1,000 trading pins in less than 10 days,” he said. “Someone had ‘dropped the ball’ and forgot to order them for all the players in the league.”

“No problem,” said one of our salespeople, who suggested a simple design on a pewter pin. “Pewter pins are great for those impossible rush orders.”

The design included the large text, “Jr. Basketball” in all capital letters over an oversized basketball. There was an antique silver finish look to the pin, but no color. “Although colors can easily enhance the look of pewter pins, this customer didn’t want any color,” added our salesperson.

Pewter gives a classic look to any trading pins.

“Hundreds of teams make up our league with just as many school colors,” the coach said. “It’s best not to have any colors on our league pin.”

They also decided not to add the year, so any remaining lapel pins could be used for next year’s tournament.

“The pewter look is classic,” added the salesperson. “Those who buy pewter lapel pins tend to keep them around on their jackets and bags for a while, much like the decorative pewter figurines people have in their homes.”

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