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To help ensure the survival of your small business during these challenging economic times, you must advertise. But look beyond traditional newspaper ads, flyers, and business cards to lapel pins. Yes, lapel pins.

Lapel pins have made a big difference to one laid-off Real Estate agent in Southern California. New homes in her company’s tract were hard to sell. Although houses were reasonably priced, it was more difficult for buyers to qualify. Some needed 20 percent down.

Custom house pins make selling your home

that much easier.

She went to work for herself, hoping to find more luck in previously-owned homes. She built a Web site, got some business cards, yard signs and flyers. But didn’t forget about herself. “I am the best advertisement I’ve got,” she said.

The Real Estate agent had researched The Monterey Company Web site,, and discovered that it offered custom-made lapel pins in the shape of houses. “I flipped when I saw that they could take a photo of a home and turn it into a lapel pin,” she said, and immediately ordered 250 lapel pins.

The home she chose for the featured pin was one that she had been trying to sell for months. It was an old Victorian mansion with a wrap-around porch. When she got the pin shipment in from The Monterey Company, she immediately put one on her blazer, her overcoat, her hat and purse and even her office sweater. She wanted to make sure that the house-shaped lapel pin was now a part of her identity. She also encouraged her secretary and family members to wear one.

On the pin, she also included her cell phone number and Web site address.

Everyone loved the custom-made lapel pin and asked where she got it. Her friend, who was planning a family reunion that summer wanted a lapel pin of the family home as a nice memento.

There are many uses for custom-made house pins, from Real Estate agents, family reunions, club meetings, restaurants and more. Call your friendly Monterey Company salesperson today!

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