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Finding a custom lapel pin company can be daunting!

There are quite a few companies out there and many look the same on the internet. Beyond looking at their previous work and policies offered on their website, we recommend calling and having a dialogue with a customer service representative. Talking with someone is incredibly helpful and necessary to get an accurate lapel pin quote.

It’s in the person to person contact that can really help you assess a company. Once a dialogue has been established and your needs discussed, getting a quote is crucial. Two things are important here; ask for a quote to be done way in advance of the deadline you have for getting your project done, and pay attention to the quote itself once it reaches your hands, or screen as the case may be.

Questions To Ask When Requesting A Custom Lapel Pin Quote?

Ask yourself these questions: Does the proposal address all your needs? Does the proposal leave you feeling like your specific needs were heard and reflected in the quote? Does the timeline to complete the entire project sound reasonable? Does the quote fit your budget? Answers to these questions will give you further clues as to whether or not this lapel pin company is the right fit for you.

Along those lines, and likely, more important, a quote is a clear way to make sure your communication with the lapel pin company was clear and heard. Both you and the company must be on the same page in order to create the product you need. If the quote doesn’t clearly and perfectly reflect the conversations you have had regarding your needs and the custom lapel pin you want, then its a sign that either more dialogue is needed, or another company is needed. Conversely, if the quote is the exact reflection of what you need and discussed, its a perfect jumping point for an agreed upon work order.

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