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5 Things to Know about purchasing Lapel Pins

Below are the top five facts companies need to be aware of when looking to purchase Lapel Pins.

1. Lapel Pins can be customized by adding synthetic gemstones. Whether it is a recognition pin for Years of Service or Employee Recognition Pins for accomplishing a goal, nothing says quality like adding a gemstone to lapel pins. Varying types or numbers of gemstones added can be used to signify varying levels of achievement. For example, a recognition pin with a sapphire may be used for a 5-year anniversary, whereas a ruby might be used for a 10-year anniversary and so forth.

2. Instead of using 24K gold for the entire material, 24K gold plating provides the same look but costs much less. Using this plating, whether it is for a recognition pin or employee recognition pins, still provides the high-quality look companies seek when purchasing lapel pins, but at a fraction of the cost. When buying employee recognition pins, companies can really get a lot more bang for their buck by going this route.

3. Although a textured background on employee recognition pins looks great, hand sandblasting looks better. When purchasing a recognition pin or employee recognition pins, the look is what is going to sell the piece. Sandblasting gives the appearance of additional craftsmanship, and this makes the final appearance of the recognition pin that much better.

4. When choosing the right options for lapel pins, companies should be aware that hard enamel colors are worth the upgrade. Again, this is driven by the overall finished look of the recognition pin being purchased. Hard enamel colors add an appearance of value and additional workmanship to the lapel pins.

5. Finally, adding a deluxe clutch to these employee recognition pins will increase the perceived value. It may not seem like much, but when police pin customcompanies spend the extra money for a higher quality recognition pin, the last thing anyone wants is for the clutch to fail or an accidental loss of employee recognition pins. Employees really enjoy receiving a recognition pin or lapel pins for the work they do, and losing their employee recognition pins can be distressing. Adding a deluxe clutch will help to ensure this won’t happen.

There are many different options and styles of recognition pin available. Whether they are lapel pins, employee recognition pins or years of service pins, the idea remains the same. The better the quality of the pin, the more it will mean to the employee. Yes, the upgrades above will cost a little more, but in the long run, the appreciation received from the employee knowing they have received a high quality, custom-made pin for their work is worth it.


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