Custom Service Pins are an excellent way to reward employees!

Looking for something other than a certificate to reward your employee’s hard work with? Look no further. The Monterey Company specializes in unique, one of a kind custom service pins that not only show your appreciation of their work for your company but can also be worn, marveled over and kept for years on end without fear of wear or tear.

“We are here to offer you custom service pins for your employees deserve and nothing less because when it comes to finding superior quality in dependable materials, we do the research for you.”

We specialize in quality. Whether your lapel pin style is soft enamel, printed, die struck, or 3D, we can guarantee that your custom lapel pin will keep its luster while lasting years for your staff’s enjoyment. This is because when it comes to material, our expert craftsmen use only the purest, most durable, and most fitting metals, rubbers, and embellishments in constructing your custom product. We are here to offer you the service pin your employees deserve and nothing less because when it comes to finding superior quality in dependable materials, we do the research for you.

Although taking a clean and tastefully simple approach in creating custom lapel pins for your employees can be both appropriate and elegant, jewels and other embellishments can add depth and eye-catching elegance to your custom thank you. Amongst others, we offer exquisite additions to accent your service pins such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and imitation jewels in a variety of colors all to the disposal of your imagination. It is important to us to create a product uniquely designed for your organization’s style and individually crafted to commemorate your employees’ skill and loyalty. Years of service deserves years of specialized appreciation, and The Monterey Company provides nothing less than that.

Though certificates commemorating your employee’s hard work, dependability and admirable attitude can be classy and traditional, they are often times only hung on a billboard on the wall and become flimsy with years that pass as well as your employees feeling of individual appreciation. However, hope is not lost! Lapel pins have become a modern and notable form of accessory. From hats and jackets to office desks and glass-sheathed picture frames, lapel pins add a brilliant touch of subtle charm to any surface they may adorn. Besides outlasting the gratitude of a written thank you letter, lapel pins can be uniquely shaped and cleverly designed to encourage your employees to use their service pin even on everyday apparel. Color, accessories, and other custom adornments can also add to the aesthetic appeal and will inspire your employees to reflect upon and utilize your custom thank you. Not only will providing your employees with a bold and durable service pin cause them to remember your appreciation, but it will encourage their happiness and progressiveness in your establishment for years to come.

The Monterey Company has been an active part of providing organizations with uniquely crafted service pins for over 30 years. Handpicking quality metals and materials and providing our customers with the most modern, efficient, and inexpensive form of lapel pin crafting is our goal; and we promise to deliver. With over 4,000,000 retailed products-worth of experience and 6 continents worth of versatile requests, The Monterey Company is practiced in creating utilizable, durable, and original products and is prepared to fulfill your individual requests. Start your custom service pin experience here!