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One lapel pin could equal the life of an animal.

Every year more and more animals get closer to extinction as we continue to destroy natural habitats either through reckless development or the constant production of pollution. While we do these things to our planet as a collective community, there are countless people out there who are trying to do what they can to clean up our streams, the oceans, the air, our forests and fight for the preservation of our natural resources and planet.

As you know these efforts cost money. Loads of money! One of the ways in which funds can be raised is by creating limited edition as well as a series of custom lapel pins that feature artwork depicting the national park, animal, or environment you are trying to support and get sponsorship for. These lapel pins are gorgeous works of art, last a lifetime and also help to convey a message that sparks conversation. Education is the key to every movement, and having a talking piece facilitates that.

We at Monterey Company have helped designed countless custom lapel pins for amazing and important causes for our planet and are proud to be part of the process. We can only do this together, and by bringing our collective creativity and elbow grease to the table, we can make it happen!

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