Design scary fun party favors this Halloween with custom lapel pins!

Halloween is weeks away, and now’s the time to think about what you’re going to hand out to your kid’s classmates or to the neighbor kids when they come trick-or-treating.

Instead of the standard bite-sized candy bars, why not hand out a Halloween lapel pin with a red flashing eye? You would be surprised at how inexpensive a custom-made lapel pin can be!

The award-winning designers at the Monterey Company can help you create a Halloween lapel pin that no one will ever forget! Since there are so many demons, ghosts, goblins and witch images to choose from on Halloween, it is the perfect holiday for a memorable lapel pin.

Not sure what to create? Here are some suggestions:

A mummy with red flashing blinkies in both eyes
A witch on a broomstick sliding across a Harvest moon
A scary Freddy Kruger mask with a dangling ax
A jack o’lantern with black and orange glitter
A bobble-headed green-faced Frankenstein
Blinkies, danglers, bobbleheads, and glitter are some of the fun “extras” that can enhance your Halloween lapel pin. Red blinkies grab your attention, but they also have a practical side. When your children are walking around the neighborhood in the dark, the red blinkies will make them stand out!

There’s so many fun and practical advantages of creating your own Halloween lapel pin