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These Baseball Trading Pins are designed with a literal “screamer.”

Baseball trading pin season is just around the corner. Now is a good time to start designing your team’s pin. Our designers are here to help you free of charge.

One popular image among trading pins is the “screamer” baseball. Most players know the sound a ball makes as it cuts through the air making a high-pitched “screaming” sound.

The popular “screamer” depicts an oversized baseball with pinched eyes and an open, screaming mouth. “I would say that 90 percent of the ‘screamer’ mage is the mouth,” said one salesperson at The Monterey Company. “Most times you can see the teeth, but sometimes you can see the tonsils too.”

Screamer baseballs are often shown with flames emitting behind them to make them look on fire. Our designers have adjusted “screamers” for softball teams complete with eyelashes, lipstick, and pigtails.

The main thing is that a “screamer” images make your pin a fun looking one. To further enhance the “screamer” image, you can turn it into a slider that goes along a track or bobblehead that shakes.

One customer added a blinkie to one of the half-opened eyes on the “screamer,” while another put a Mohawk haircut on the “screamer” to match his team’s mascot.

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