The Screaming Eagles baseball team, of Wind Lake, Wisconsin, came up with a creative trading pin this year. Its two-in-one spinner style could possibly set the standard for future trading pins at Cooperstown. Only the designers at The Monterey Company could create this edgy trading pin for them.

Design creative, edgy trading pins for your team this year with The Monterey Co.

The 2009 Screaming Eagles trading pin features the state of Wisconsin as the backdrop with “Screaming Eagles” in big, block letters in the center. Towards the bottom is a side view of a burly-looking screaming eagle riding a motorcycle. Note that the tires of the flame-driven motorcycle are made of baseballs, and so are the “00”s’ in 2009.

It’s a nice-looking 2-inch printed trading pin that any player would want to trade for. Yet, for the Screaming Eagles, the fun doesn’t stop there. According to The Monterey Company salesperson, they wanted a spinner, but they didn’t want the biker to spin around. So, at the top of the pin, they added the head of an eagle crushing a baseball bat in its mouth.

The crazy part is that the spinner is not a permanent part of this unique trading pin. It’s attached later to a tiny hole at the top of it and secured with a butterfly clasp.

At the tournament, those players trading with the Screaming Eagles the first day got the standard pin. But the next day, the players attached the eagle head spinner, giving the pin much more tradability. Those players who had the trading pin without the spinner definitely wanted to upgrade.

There was a lot of trading going on for our team’s pin this, and we couldn’t be more pleased with The Monterey Company’s efforts, said the customer.

Anyone who has been to trading sessions at Cooperstown knows that it’s all about getting the coolest pin. The Screaming Eagles, with their attachable spinner, had it hands down this year.

Giving trading pin customers the option to add a spinner is definitely setting a new standard. So what’s in store for next year’s Screaming Eagles pin?You can bet the designers at The Monterey Company are up to the challenge!