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Years of service pins, custom made pins or employee pins are a great way to bolster attention for Non-Profit Organizations.

custom pin designed with train1. Just because the cost of employee pins, service pins or even custom-made pins are low, does not mean the value of the pins is low. Remember, employees love recognition, and although this may not cost a lot monetarily, the act of giving the pin as an emblem of recognition is where the true value will be found by the recipient.

2. Custom pins, employee pins, and service pins are made of high-quality material and will last a long time.

3. Most Non Profits want to acknowledge the hard work of their volunteers, but may not always have the capital to spend on that recognition. These custom-made pins are a great way to recognize volunteer’s hard work without breaking the bank.

4. When sending “Thank You” notes, or event reminders to target audiences, customized pins or standard lapel pins are easily attached to these reminders and add value to the message being sent.

5. Most Non Profit Organizations host a number of special events throughout the year. There is no better way to commemorate these events than with the gift of custom-made pins.

6. Given the size and light weight of each of these company pins, employee pins or custom made lapel pin will not add much to the overall weight of any mailings. Due to the small overall weight, mailing custom-made pins will not add much, if anything, to the cost of postage.

7. Different customizations of years of service pins can signify different levels of giving to the organization. For example, anyone who donates to the cause will receive custom made lapel pins, however; someone who goes above and beyond in their giving may receive the standard lapel pin customized with additional features such as added gemstones.

8. Whether or not you are ordering for the first time or reordering service pins, employee pins or custom made pins, the process is similar to ordering standard business cards. Because most of these service lapel pins, employee years of service pins, or even custom made lapel pins can be ordered in bulk, it makes the overall process simple and easy to repeat as needed.

9. As with anything else, ordering pins in bulk reduces the cost per piece!  The more purchased at one time, the more cost effective it will be for your non-profit organization.

10. One of the best ways to get recognition is through word of mouth. What better way to do this than through employee pins or service pins. When one of these custom-made pins is recognized by someone other than the wearer of the pin, what better conversation piece, and more importantly, opportunity to discuss the Non Profit?

In closing, custom-made pins are a great way for those working for a Non Profit to get their organization’s name out there. In addition, these pins are a cost-effective method for the Non-Profit to generate attention, and potentially new donors.


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