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Service award pins encourage your employees to stay on top of their work!

recognition pinsVarious studies have shown that rewarding good work encourages good work. This is why great service is one of our philosophies. Through years of perfecting the craft, we are proud to bring you an experience that will not only save you money, time, and stress, but it will help create a positive and more efficient working environment for your organization back at home. Introducing, service pins.

I feel as though us humans all struggle with time. “I’m late,” is not unheard of, and perhaps much better known than, “I’m early.” It seems that we all have deadlines to make, places to be, and people to be with. However much time may have rule over our lives, getting what you want, when you need it can really make all the difference. Now, closing your eyes, imagine not having to take the time to worry about writing letters to your employees, thanking them for their amazing work (and frankly, they are quite amazing,) or having to make another stop at a shopping mall to pick out the perfect thank you card-not too cute, not too impersonal. Great. Now open your eyes to The Monterey Company. Unique, hand-crafted custom award pins at your service. Our service award pins arrive at your doorstep in no time and go a long way when it comes to thanking your employees for the hard work they’ve been doing. Whether you own a toy store, business franchise or chocolate shop, there just isn’t a sweeter way to show your employees’ reliability, creativity, and positivity some love.


We all know what it’s like to be rewarded for hard work. The glory and pride, knowing that you did a good job, knowing that someone noticed. Service award pins just make it that much easier. Custom award pins are like thank you cards, only, the evolutionary outcome of them. Though you may spend much of your time (or money) thinking of what to say in thank you cards, or how to say it, service award pins do the job for you, and at less expense and with less harm to your routine. All we ask of you is to send in a picture of your company’s logo, or a few words that say something along the lines of, “thank you,” and we can craft it into custom award pins that are as durable, creative, and exact as the work your employees did to have earned the service pin. We know that you’ve worked hard to build an organization that is efficient, strong, and dependable, and that’s why all it takes is a simple phone call or form fill-out for us to say thank you to you with service award pins.


service-pins-atlamont-commuter-express-10-yearsWe really aren’t joking when we say that all it takes is a phone call to order custom award pins. One of our philosophies is great service, and we are proud to showcase it. During your service pin crafting, we will make sure that you will be helped almost immediately after you place your service pin quote request, and that the representative who helps you will be individual to your order. When ordering custom service pins, you won’t be bounced around or asked to hold for hours listening to elevator music. To us, great service also means the best bang for your buck. Service pins aren’t a joke to us, just like your employees’ hard work isn’t a laughing matter. To us, service pins mean hand-crafted, pure metal goodness with your choice of brilliant colors and fine textures and detail. The Monterey Company is the name; custom award pins are the game. Will you choose to play? Or would you rather work more?

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