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Just because they’re small doesn’t mean these custom pins don’t pack a big punch.yard-dogs-custom-softball-trading-pins

When it comes to designing pins, The Monterey Company, a leading lapel pin manufacturer, offers many options. For those who want small pins, less than 1 inch, consider a pin-on-pin design, said Paul Stark, the company’s president. A pin-on-pin design means affixing one pin on top of another to create a 3-D effect. It’s very popular with the U.S. military and other groups, Stark said. One recent pin-on-pin design depicted a dog s head on top of a rectangular pin. The dog s head was cast gold, while the bottom pin was a shiny black ¾ inch Classic Soft Enamel with raised gold letters. The German shepherd, likely the mascot of that military unit, was shown in great detail in its muzzle and coat. This particular pin-on-pin design looked like a tiny plaque. The dog s head was the primary focus, while the small gold text, that was die struck onto the bottom pin, was clearly legible. Even though the entire pin was only ¾ inch small, it attracted a lot of attention.

The salesperson working with that customer said they loved the effect. The pin on top is thicker than any regular 3-D pin that I’ve done before, he said. It’s a great way of calling attention to a smaller pin. The cost is not prohibitive either. The bottom pin is priced as standard Classic Soft Enamel style, which is affordably priced, while the top pin costs an additional $100. It doesn’t matter the size of the pin either, added the salesperson. Of course, the top pin has to be smaller than the bottom one. But if you were creating a 1-inch pin, the top pin would also be $100. To make sure both pins keep their pristine appearance, The Monterey Company salesperson added an epoxy coating for .25 cents each per pin. It’s a good idea to put epoxy on most lapel pins, no matter the style, to keep them looking good for years to come, added Stark. Especially with a pin like that one. Everyone is going to want to touch it.

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