The old saying, “Good things come in small packages,” is true for custom made lapel pins too.

The old saying, “Good things come in small packages,” is true at The Monterey Company. Take a look at all the custom made lapel pins that are featured on our website. Most lapel pins are a standard size, 1-1 ½ inches, but others that are ¾ inches or smaller can be just as effective for your organization. (See pin inset with ruler). You might think that you couldn’t put much text on a smaller pin, but on the contrary, a ¾ inch pin can feature tiny text that is still readable. Standard daily newspapers feature 12-point type for the articles. But on a ¾ inch pin, the type will even be smaller than that, maybe 6-8 point type. Images can also be shown with the tiniest detail etched in, such as spokes on a wheel, notches on a ruler and eyelashes on a person’s eye.

One customer, associated with a philharmonic orchestra on the east coast, specifically asked for a ½-inch pin. “We wanted a pin that our donors could wear to show their support without it being too large or imposing,” he said. He thought that a small pin could be left on a lapel for months without a need to change it. It could also be worn on a woman’s blouse without weighing it down. “The pin would also help donors identify each other at receptions,” he said. The philharmonic pin didn’t have any text on it, but was a shield with musical notes and bars. A larger pin wasn’t necessary because the image could clearly be seen without going larger. So for this customer, good pins come in small packages.

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