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Break out your pin designing skills and proudly show off your nationality this Presidents Day!

Every year on the third Monday in February the United States celebrates a federal holiday of President’s day. It began as a commemoration of George Washington, our first President, but over the years, it has become President’s Day where all President’s are honored for the public service they have given us in leading our great nation.

This tends to be a holiday that is mostly celebrated in schools where kids put on plays and do reports on the history of the Presidency in our country. Government workers and civil servants get the day off, but that’s usually it. It’s those that are incredibly patriotic that celebrate in some fashion and have been doing so for many years, and of course, the White House does a little something on this day!

More and more, however, particularly after the tragic events of 9/11, people are coming back to the basic appreciation of what it means to lead this country and the importance of not only respecting the office and what it represents but honoring the men that have stepped up and lead it through countless crisis and evolutions. It takes courage, endurance, and a profound intelligence to navigate the political waters in our world today

American Flag pins are becoming the go-to symbol for honoring all things country and rightly so!  And what is celebrated as part of that, of course, includes our leaders over the years, with the countless of heroic choices they have to make every single day on our behalf. There are stock flag pins, and of course custom made pins that can be personalized in any way you want. It’s a small gesture, but a unifying one none the less.

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