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Whether you are collecting, designing, or bartering for the coolest one, we can all agree that trading pins are pretty awesome.

Trading pins are huge in the sports community, and we all know how popular and widespread Disney trading pins are. Some trading pins are worth hundreds of dollars now, and new ones keep getting created each year to commemorate special dates, themes, and games.

With the advent internet technology, it has become incredibly easy to find groups and conventions dedicated to trading pins centered around all sorts of themes. Likewise, starting a group is just as easy with the internet. It’s as easy as the few steps listed below:

1. Choose an interest

Flowers, history, astronomy, kite flying, travel or cooking to name a few. Once a special interest has been identified, you have a theme to center both your group around as well as the trading pin designs you will be creating in the future.

2. Do online searches for trading pin forums and blogs

These are great places to post and look for like-minded individuals that might like to join.

3. Place Ads

If you are wanting a group that can meet in person on a regular basis, which could also serve as a social club, place ads on Craig’s list in your town, on library bulletin boards and in local newspapers.

4. Establish your group

Decide how often it will meet, what type of trading pin production it will pursue and how it will fund it. Many times trading pin groups pay yearly dues that go towards pin design as well as paying for social gatherings.

5. Design

Lapel pin designing and manufacturing is a wonderfully creative process and it’s incredibly interesting to decide together why you are choosing the symbol or subject matter you are choosing and what you will do with it.

6. Determine how many will be manufactured

Enough pins are usually made for each member of the group and then a specific number above that.

7. The next step is to go to a convention as a group

Pins can be sold and traded here and this is where the fun begins.

8. Groups

Groups that make pins for trading create a culture around the pins they create so that traders and collectors not only become familiar with the group but also begin to seek out new productions over time. Trading pin forums online facilitate groups across the globe in connecting with one another and also trading over the internet and through the mail.

The Monterey Company makes this process especially easy by providing free access to its designers. They are the ones that can help you work through the process of choosing the best materials and design specs for the pin you are looking to make. In the end, pin trading is a rewarding hobby that builds memories and relationships over time.

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