Custom Stick and Lapel Pins


“We don’t mess around when it comes to promoting your dreams, just like we don’t mess around when it comes to making quality lapel pins.”

Aren’t you tired of telling your friends to tell their friends about your sensational, one-of-a-kind, innovative business? Guess who isn’t? Custom-made, artisan crafted and aesthetically sincere lapel pins. A duo to marvel over, your company and our lapel pins are best friends in the making. Not only will our lapel pins promote your business in a way that is cost-effective, modern and effortless, but we also offer an ample variety of custom selections to create a bold and unique lapel pin that matches the gusto of your dreams. We hope that you are prepared, because our lapel pins are equipped to shamelessly bring the public eye directly to your product and without the effort of a normal advertisement. Want to know how?

People love free stuff. Offering promotional complementary lapel pins at your receptionist desk, store locations or sales expo isn’t just clever, it’s hip. Staying with the times is important to the sales of your business and currently, accessories are what’s in. In addition, it is very difficult for people to resist taking something when it is free. It’s like the business card that people will wear. So innovative and modern that you won’t have to struggle to promote your company, the lapel pins and customers -or individuals that wear them- will be doing it for you. Instead of taking the time to create a business card that consumes both time and money, let us create a lapel pin that’s as novel as your business to bring the revenue and recognition to you.custom-lapel-pins-antiquer-silver

The Monterey company supports a, “your money back, guaranteed” policy. Along with price often comes profit and although our lapel pins come at a reasonable cost, you may be wondering how they will benefit the overall income of your business. Welcome to the world of the public eye. In this era, it has become an increasingly fashionable trend to accessorize with lapel pins. Which is why after grabbing a lapel pin, your customers or viewers will often fasten the lapel pins on their purses, bags, jackets and even hats. This way, by promoting your company using a modern, eye-catching form of design, you will be advertising personally from wearer to onlooker and onlooker to the future success of your business.

We want the best for your business. Not only is The Monterey Company here to support your dreams, exceed your expectations and promote the retailing of your product; we are here to provide you with excellent quality. Producing junky, ineffective and unprofessional lapel pins is not our forte. Instead, we believe in durable materials, bold designs and unique craftsmanship that is as genuine as your passion and as professional as your business. Our experienced sales representatives will guide you every step of the way as you design lapel pins that suit your style and creatively represent the face of your business to the public eye. You are an individual and important asset to us. Now let us be the same for you.

The Monterey Company is local to Bend, OR and offers a wide variety of inventive and unique products intuitive to our customer’s needs. With nearly 30 years of experience, we focus first and foremost on the requirements of our customers and strive to create a product that is high in quality and low in price. Our products also offer room for matchless creativity, a wide selection of durable materials, and fast and inexpensive shipping rates. We have serviced a diverse selection of businesses and groups and also offer a 10% discount to non-profit organizations. We are prepared to take on anything from a simple question, to a thousand-piece lapel pin order and look forward to doing business with you!