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Labor Day has become so much a part of the holiday culture of the United States. Over the years it has come to symbolize the end of Summer and the official beginning of a new cycle of the school years for students and the families that support them. A three day weekend gives everyone a last blast of fun and outdoor activities before things get back to busy weekdays and endless carpooling.

Underneath all this fun, however, is a long and rich history. Labor Day was created in 1882 by the New York City Central Labor Union.  They celebrated Labor Day 2 years in a row before similar organizations in other cities were encouraged to follow the example of New York and celebrate the ‘workingmen’s holiday.”  The idea spread and in 1886 legislature was passed recognizing the day as a national holiday.

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The symbol most recognized which represents Labor Day is the strong muscled armed wielding a hammer. This is a day celebrating the typically manual labor of the blue collar workers that make this nation run. This day is a celebration of the American worker, and parades, parties, picnics, large rallies with leading union leaders and family gathering are all part of what makes the day so special.

Lapel pins are very popular on this day. Either using the symbol of the image above or the American flag is appropriate means to celebrate and identify labor day flag pinwith the gratitude and dependence we all have on labor in this nation. Many unions across the country will also create lapel pins that hold the logo or their union name and number on them and then pass them out to members and their families.

It’s a form of recognition and group identity. The pins also become collectibles as over the years unions will make different designs for each year or simply add the new year date onto the pin. For schools, the American flag is also appropriate and serves as a wonderful tool to create awareness about the labor movement in the United States and how it has served to shape our history.

It’s a wonderful holiday, steeped in history and in fun end of Summer celebration. Create a pin, pass them out to the workers you know and enjoy the festivities.

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