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Give your customers custom pins!

One of the things that small boutique enterprises tend to do well is making sure to include a small gift or ‘swag’ in their shipping packages. Part of the ‘small is personal’ branding, the idea of giving out these gifts is that it promotes a sense of intimacy and family. It’s always a great gesture and conveys gratitude to the customers that support their business.

The economic times have taken a toll on consumerism, and companies that are in the business of selling things have been all too aware of the impact that these economic times have had on sales.More than ever companies are relying on those long time customers that are loyal even now when sales have cut back considerably.

This Thanksgiving season, taking the time to let customers know how important they have been in the success and continuation of a business is a great way to strengthen the bonds that exist between a business and their customers. This is no longer a custom unique to small boutique companies. Gratitude goes a long way towards humanizing a company and brings customers into the fold so that they have a sense of their significance in the eyes of the seller. We all like to feel appreciated.

While most people use Christmas as the holiday to send out yearly cards, Thanksgiving gets overlooked. We at Monterey Company feel that a specific show of gratitude at this time of year to those that mean most to the business, drives home just how grateful we are. Christmas and New Years are wonderful holidays, but they are not specifically intended for the giving of gratitude.

Including a small but lovely item that in some ways conveys this gratitude is the easiest thing in the world and looks good. High quality, custom designed keychains, lapel pins, pendants, charms, or even embroidered patches with a message of Thanksgiving gratitude on them, placed in a neat little bag along with your customer’s next order is the perfect way to convey the holiday sentiment, and tell your customers how important they are to you.

Call one of our sales representatives today in order to begin designing the best gift for you and your customers for this holiday season.

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