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Samples can help us design the perfect pins for you. And they come at no cost…

“For any customer ordering large amounts of lapel pins, it’s a good idea to order samples,” advises Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company, a leading lapel pin manufacturer.

When a large order, say 1,000 lapel pins or more, has been sent to the factory, oftentimes a sample is made before they go into full production. The sample, which shows the lapel pin in its final form, is then sent to the customer for approval. Another is sent to The Monterey Company salesperson.

The customer then is able to hold the piece, inspect it up close, and then let their salesperson know that they’re ready to proceed with the full order.

“That way, there’s no surprises,” said a Monterey Company salesperson. “It makes the customer feel confident that the entire order will be made just the same way, just like the sample. He or she can show the sample to others who may be paying the bill and nervous about ordering large amounts of pins.”

Trading pins, especially since they’re created for a one-day event, such as the World Series or Cooperstown, should have samples created beforehand—if there’s time.

Generally, allow an extra 10-12 days for samples, advises the salesperson. “Samples cost $50, and that price is applied to the total bill if there are no changes made. However, if there’s a design change or text change, then the $50 is lost and a new die is cast.”

Most people are happy to risk $50 to get everything perfect, added the salesperson. “Our factory creates the pin going according to the approved artwork, but sometimes when the customer sees it in a 3-dimensional form, they realize then they’d like to change some things,” she said. “That’s the beauty of samples.”


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