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This nursing pin is as unique as the nurse who inspired it.

awareness lapel pin The call came in from a nurse on the East Coast. “I’d like to order a lapel pin with a picture of a brain on it,” she said. She worked in the neurology department of a large community hospital, and she wanted something to commemorate Nurses Week in May. As it turns out, the customer, a Registered Nurse (RN), was paying for the 100 Cloisonné pins out of her own pocket.  She said she wanted to build camaraderie and morale among the nurses in her department by using nursing pins.

Her Monterey Company saleswoman, who is also an artist, provided the customer with two options for the lapel pin:

  • Option #1: The look of this pin was ultra modern with a side view of a person’s head featuring a brain. The brain was red, while the person and the background were blue. “With that strong color scheme, it was impossible to ignore the brain,” she said.
  • Option #2: The look of this pin was more straightforward. It featured the brain by itself in natural colors. The saleswoman instructed the artist to pay special attention to the many creases in the brain. “We wanted this pin to look as realistic as possible,” she said. “As if it was just placed on a table.” To tie the brain image with the text, the saleswoman suggested a round pin with the text in raised metal around the edges of the pin. The text would be gold metal, while the background was navy. The text read: Neuroscience Nurses Week 2008 “I wear a lot of navy and khaki clothing combinations in the summer,” she said. “So I figured that it would look just as good on a pin.”

Both brain pins turned out to be attractive. However, the customer chose Option #2–the picture of the brain itself.

The Brain Pin was unique and applauded by her fellow nurses and staff members. “No one has a brain pin around here,” she said.

“You’ll see that it’ll be a collector’s item on eBay in no time!”

Another good thing to know is that The Monterey Company keeps all of its customer’s images on file for up to three years. During that time, anyone can reorder their pins and receive a rapid turnaround.

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  1. I am a stroke coordinator in search of a unique gift for the nurses to give in May for “Stroke Awareness Month”. I couldn’t find a picture of the pins mentioned in this article? How much do they cost? I may need to order up to 500?