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Printed pins are little more than a few ideas and some awesome images. Easy, right?

custom motorcycle speed-trial-pinsWhen it comes to ease of creation, nothing seems to come easier then customized printed pins. Using a printed image that can be designed using already established logos or themes, a printed pin is made by printing the design digitally onto an adhesive label. Each label is then individually placed onto a metal backing. A clear epoxy dome is added to protect the label from scratching and fading. Because the image is adhered to the metal backing, very little metal shows on the side, unless, of course, you want to include a metal border. Choices can be made as to which type of metal is used.

Different types of pins suit different needs. Printed lapel pins are wonderful for trading, easy to design when a pin is needed quickly and there isn?t much time to design an elaborate 3D enameled pin. The epoxy gives these pins durability, and the printing gives a brilliance to the color.

Another unique feature of this design is that actual photos, digitally printed for the labeling process, can be used for these pins. This makes them especially popular with children’s sports leagues, where personalized images for specific teams can be used to make commemorative pins. This makes printed pins quite exciting.

Sporting leagues, churches, schools, and corporations have used printed lapel pins along with other variety of methods. Using different methods of designing and creating pins lends a complexity to the pin collection and shows diversity in style when it comes to branding or celebrating the accomplishments of a sports group.

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