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Are you ready for Halloween? Well, we promise no tricks when we say that these custom lapel pins are a treat.

Halloween has become the biggest celebrated holiday of the year here in the United States.  Crossing all religious boundaries, its a fun secular holiday that all kids can participate in.  The tradition of dressing up in all sorts of fun costumes, running around and night, attending parties and being guaranteed a huge bag of collected treats at the end of the night, appeals to kids of all ages… ahem… even those well into their middle age adulthood.

Its amazing to really watch the amount of energy and creativity that goes into preparations for Halloween.  Whole neighborhoods get turned into haunted mazes, front lawns transform into ghoulish cemeteries, parties with elaborate invites and treats get planned by many.  The ante has been raised, and it keeps doing so with each year.

The same is true of the ‘tricks and treats’ offered on Halloween night.  Candies have begun to become home made and gourmet, and also not the only treat given.  Lapel pins, embroidered patches, and collectible coins have also begun to make the scene.  Yearly revelers who typically spend the holiday together will create yearly commemorative pins and coins.  School kids will create individual and unique lapel pins and embroidered patches to pass out to friends as a personal gift.  Small and scary lapel pins are handed out to the hundreds of kids that show up at neighborhood doors.

The biggest appeal of Halloween is the creativity.  This is the one night when all bets are off and not only can people play and express their inner ghoul, but they can also share lasting impressions of their Halloween vision with pins, patches and coins.  The creative possibilities are endless!

Some ideas for Halloween pins include:

Words such as Boo!
Small Haunted House
Black Cats
Grave Stones
Spider Webs

For design ideas and ways in which to bring your company?s designs to life, contact a sales representative at Monterey Lapel Company. They can help you formulate what you need and connect you or your staff to a design specialist that can help take you through the creation process.

Happy Halloween!

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