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New websites with new features means and less hassle and more pin pleasers!

With the new year finally here and after months of brainstorming and work, we finally have our new Monterey Company website up and running!  We are so excited by the new classy look, the colors and the format that allows for our work with you to be showcased in a manner that is better seen.

The site has been streamlined to provide easier navigation and a stronger search feature that drills through the site really well, pulling out images and text related to the search word. There are also over 500 new images showcasing the exciting work we have been doing for the last year or so, giving a much better feel for the broad creativity possible with our custom work.

In the last half of 2009, we began to come together as a company to envision ways in which to be better, provide even higher quality products and of course, first and foremost, take better care of our customers. In our efforts, we were able to streamline our quote process even more than before and now, using the quote request page on our website will give you faster response time and more attentive follow-up.

Customer Service is our number one priority, even within our own company. “In some way, we are all each other’s customers and we should all be treating each other as such,” says Andy our shipping and expediting man of mystery.

It’s because of this that we created the Community Forum section of our website. A community forum is a place for customers to ask questions, give feedback and eventually become mentors or achieve ‘Champion’ status on the forum so that they may provide help to other customers new to the Monterey Company family.

“This is also a forum for open customer service. If a problem arises it will actually get posted there and our customer service representatives can respond to the issue, there on the forum.  In this way, our problem-solving process will be fully transparent.”, shares Paul.  Transparency is key to the culture of our company.

Paul goes on to say, “We want to create a company culture that recognizes all of our employees and customers not only for the products produced and purchased but for the way the people come together to do it.”

We are all a family of sorts; we come together to create quality pieces that promote business, recognition, and affiliation.  The community forum will serve as a way for everyone to come together, interact on a regular basis, leaders from both groups to come forth and shine in their ability to aid others that are new to the company, and of course, a place to be heard.

Paul goes on to state, “Our success is completely dependent on the people that look for us.” It’s true.  The level of creativity, integrity, and dedication to things bigger then the individual is something that is quite characteristic of our customer base.  We believe that only great things can come from bringing all of these amazing people together.

Go to the community forum page now.  Sign up and start the dialogue!  We can’t wait to get to know everyone.

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