The launching of the new Monterey Company website earlier this year was the result of a long line of steps and strategy sessions geared towards making sure our customer service is the best it could be. To that end The Monterey Company hired Dawn Papaila, CPT of WLP Consulting, to help evaluate our process as it relates to the customer experience.

Besides specializing in lapel pins, coins, and charms, we also love making our customers happy.

The work was divided into three parts. In the first phase, Dawn facilitated the Monterey Company team in mapping out the end to end process. In other words, a step by step path was written out, that showed the process a customer goes through from a request for a quote all the way through to the delivery of the product. Along with each step that is required to get a quote and eventually have the product delivered, all the workers within the company that would work on the project and at which point in the creation process was identified.

This mapping also gave the entire company an exact idea of where at every point, a customer is “touched” or in direct contact with an employee of The Monterey Company. Dawn and the team then explored what their highest wish for each of those customer touch point experiences. Having that information then allowed for a very specific assessment of where that customer experience was actually happening and where it wasn’t, paving the way for changes need to improve the customer experience we were providing.

The second phase then focused on the employee. As Dawn explained, “There are systems surrounding and ideally supporting each employee. We took the 6 elements of support and interviewed each employee to assess these systems of support.” Those 6 elements are as follows:

1. Goals. Is there a clear idea of what their goals are for their specific job?
2. Work Process. What is the process by which they carry out their job?
3. Feedback. Is there enough feedback being given to each employee?
4. Incentive. Not just related to money.
5. Capacity. Is the job too big, too small?
6. Skills and Knowledge. Does each employee have the resources needed to perform their tasks?

The information gathered not only gave each employee some clarity about what support was and wasn’t in place for them but also gave The Monterey Company as a whole a complete picture as to how it was supporting its employees.

This month-long process culminated in a very thorough and concise set of innovative recommendations, a graphic depiction of the customer experience and several quick reference guides that support the delivery of consistent customer service by the employees. This, in essence, is the beginning of phase three. Over the rest of the year, The Monterey Company will begin to implement these recommendations in a series of steps, all geared towards the overall goal of providing the best customer service possible.