The Secret is Out: Using Lapel Pins for Special Perks & Guest List Access

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VIP PinsLapel Pins are a classy and simple way to give your VIP guests the service they deserve.

When lapel pins make the news, we take notice. And this latest story involving Hollywood stars wearing custom lapel pins as a “secret I.D. badge” to guarantee them access to an exclusive party is not only pure fun, but it points to some new and unique ways to use lapel pins that you may not have considered.

What landed lapel pins in the headlines? To celebrate the upcoming November 2013 release of Catching Fire, the sequel to the blockbuster movie Hunger Games, Lionsgate – Summit Pictures threw a star-studded bash at the recent Cannes Film Festival in France. The party didn’t have a guest list, but it did have lapel pins.

How do you get into this party, especially with that ever-present rain? The invite came in a fancy white box with a padded interior and a Capitol logo embossed on the front. Open the box, the size of a hardcover book, and you find a silver rose lapel pin with an invitation card that reads: “Capitol, in association with Lions Gate. President Snow requires your attendance to celebrate the 75th annual Hunger Games.”

To gain attendance, you wear the lapel pin. Clever. It’s a great idea — but you will be glad to know there is so much more where this came from! Here are four other unique ways custom lapel pins can be used as a secret perk.

Reward Those Who Wear Your Pin: Lapel pins can be a great way to bring more recognition and cost-free advertising to your business or organization as your supporters wear them. So why not reward these folks for their efforts? If you are passing out pins at the next trade show or convention, send a “spotter” out onto the floor to give a coupon or other secret perk to those seen wearing your pin. Likewise, at your next meeting or group event, give a special prize to those who show up proudly sporting your custom pins. As word spreads, you can bet that more people will want to wear your pins!

Use Pins to Establish VIP Access:
In Cannes, guests were sent the customized metal pins beforehand to use as a secret I.D. badge. What if you did something similar? Before your next party or fundraiser, send out pins with the invites. Set up a special VIP area for those who follow through with wearing the pins, or have a special raffle set up that only those who wear their pins can enter.

Run A Lapel Pin Social Media Contest: Who can take a photo of themselves wearing their lapel pin in the most beautiful, exotic, or faraway place possible? Excite your followers and support base through a social media-based photo contest that requires only one key element: they need to need to be wearing their custom lapel pin! To set up the contest, browse through the number of easy-to-use social media contest apps — your contest can be up and running in minutes. The incentive of fun prizes and encouragement to share photos with friends can really help to spread your message.

Use Pins to Create A Like-Minded Audience: Giving a talk on how nonprofit groups can boost their fundraising efforts — or leading a presentation on military history? Whenever you are at a conference or convention, scan the common areas for those wearing certain kinds of pins — for example, anyone at the convention wearing a pin supporting a non-profit organization or those wearing military insignia pins — and invite them personally to your event. This is a great way to create a custom audience of those most receptive to your idea!

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