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Get on your back to school cool with custom patches, lanyards, key chains, and pendants!

Did you think that The Monterey Company wouldn’t have a hand in making school the coolest thing ever? Think again. We are thrilled that trends are elevating the use of emblematic jewelry to such cool status and thought we would share what the coolest Bling embellishments are for this upcoming year.

1. Embroidered Patches

Yes. Yes. Yes. We have already written about this huge trend emerging, but we need to put it out there again. Interest groups and cliques of friends are designing and creating their own identifying patches and using them to embellish back backs and bags. Some even place them on jeans. The possibilities are endless with these and we are loving what is coming up.

2.  Lanyards

These are easier to make and faster to get. The great thing about lanyards is that they are fully functional and often times necessary for keeping your keys and student ID handy. Creating a design is as easy as taking a picture and submitting it to The Monterey Company to develop a final product design.

3. Key Chains

This is particularly cool with the older high school crowd. A new license needs a cool custom made key chain. As with the embroidered patches above, groups of friends, who are getting their own set of keys are creating key chains that are similar so they all share a similar image.

4. Lapel Pins

This is huge with the sporting and cheer crowd. Pins that commemorate competitions and games have been creating massive collections that are then displayed on letter jackets and sports bags.

5. Pendants

Girls are getting hip to the fact that they can make their own pendants and charms to adorn themselves. Charms are a completely affordable low-cost and exciting way to keep accessories unique and creative. And as with the other items above, using these pieces to help identify affiliation to a group at school seems to be one of the motivating factors.

The first day of school is right around the corner. Do you have your emblematic bling ready?

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