Some Lapel Pins really stick with us.

This list is based solely on what we here at The Monterey Company feel are the coolest lapel pins of all time for us. We hope you will find it as interesting as we do (yes we are lapel pin nerds). What do you think? Read on, faithful reader.

1. MADD’s Padres Lapel Pin

This pin was the pin that started it all for The Monterey Company. Our very first order for 20,000 pins came through and Paul delivered. We’re proud of this one and it’s truly the leader in the Monterey Company hall of fame.

2. USDA Farm Service Agency

This pin features 3D images with an antique silver finish and its the boss’ stand out favorite. As Paul says, “All 3D pins are my favorite!”

perfect attendance

3. Perfect Attendance Pin

Rachael, our operations manager extraordinaire, voted for this one because, despite the fact that this pin was created before she came on board at The Monterey Company, she explained “I love the simplicity of this pin. Plus, I love bees!”

4. Destination Imagination’s Water Creature Pin

The truth is that every pin that is created for Destination Imagination is the amazing. Truly. But this one is especially exciting for us and was created by a member of the Coon’s Rapids Michigan team. The use of color and glitter on this pin makes it a stand out that we all still talk about.

5. The Proud Volunteer USAG Pin

This one is similar in color to the Destination Imagination pin, and it took quite a bit of design work. This was created for the volunteers of an installation management command of the US Army in Korea. This pin was challenging to design as there were many color variations in a small area, but in the end the product came out beautifully.

6. Frog pin.

You can?t look at this and not smile!

7. The Saint Germaine Foundation?s Honor Cross pin

This pin used a transparent cloisonne with a special die where the lines do not come all the way to the surface. The sunbursts are underneath the enamel, but show through since the color is transparent. This is also a ?pin on pin? meaning that there are actually two separate pins which were then soldered together.

hemerocallis society

8. American Hemerocallis Society pin

This pin is simply beautiful. The 3D effect for the flower at the center of this simple yet striking pin represent the group and its common interest perfectly. Its truly a classic in design.

9. Scarborough Festival pin

The Monterey Company creates pins for this festival every year. The use of the transparent enamel with the antique silver plating make this pin elegant and gorgeous.

10. Yours

The truth is that each time we create a new pin, we are blown away by the increasing level of creativity out there. And of course, this is because of you, our customer and the vision you bring to the design table so to speak. Each pin is a piece of art work that we get to work with you to create in order to commemorate a day, a time, a person, a team, or other occasion. That certainly makes the top ten list!