The Monterey Company can help you “wow” trade show attendees with custom trading pins and coins.

From space to movies to auto and toy manufacturing, trade shows are the best way companies today can introduce new products and services.

Generally, they’re open to the public, but oftentimes, they are limited to professionals in their respective industries. In short, trade shows offer you thousands of your “best of the best” customers.

It’s not unusual for industry trade shows to attract 10,000 to 30,000 attendees–all eager to see your latest product. After you “wow” them, it’s essential to offer them more than just your standard brochure, business card, and magnets. After all, there are thousands of other competitor’s booths they need to cover in a few days.

Your booth giveaway needs to be memorable, yet affordable (because you’ll need to have plenty on hand for everyone who stops by your booth.) You can do what many Fortune 500 companies do: Create a customized lapel pin created by The Monterey Company, an industry leader.

What would be better than having thousands of attendees wearing your lapel pin as they walk around the trade show?

For pennies on the dollar, a lapel pin serves as a colorful business card and “teaser” of a product that the world hasn’t seen yet. It has the space to feature an image of your new product, plus your logo and website. Created with colorful inks on metal, your lapel pin will likely be kept as a trade show memento and traded as a hot commodity with the folks back at the office.

Need help with your design? The design professionals at The Monterey Company help you. They have been helping companies “wow” trade show attendees for the past 20 years.

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