Dream a little dream of trading pin conventions.

Trading pins are becoming such a huge hobby, not only in the United States but across the globe. The biggest contributor to this tradition of trading pins is, of course, Walt Disney World. Each year they design and release numerous lines of themed trading pins that then get sold and given out at their parks as well as massive worldwide pin trading conventions.

But Disney isn’t the only group that is adding so much fervor to the trading pin world. Sports teams, little leagues, special interest groups and political collectors. That’s right. There are thousands of history buffs that are taking it upon themselves to search out and acquire the millions of lapel pins that have contributed to political campaigns, big and small.

As you can imagine, most trading pin collectors trade and purchase new pins for themselves at conventions. These events are massive in scope so being able to transport a collection in a manner that also makes them easy to display is critical. The following is a list of possible display options that might work for the avid pin trading aficionado.

1.  Trading Pin Keeper Bags

These are truly the best way to go to conventions and gatherings. Usually made out of heavy-duty nylon, these bags are typically album book shapes, with side zippers. Open them up and what you have are ‘pages’ of nylon that allow for easy pinning of the lapel pin onto the page. They are lookbooks and make it easy to show a collection to interested observers.

2.  Display Cases

Typically made out of wood or metal, and covered with a glass door that makes it easy to look inside. These are great for conventions if you are in fact going to be manning a booth, and the trading pins are in a stationary location. These cases keep the pins secure, clean and usually have locks to ensure against theft. This display is by far the classiest, but is also the hardest to transport, as they are quite heavy.

3.  Display Boards

This works for the trading pin home collection. A display board that hangs on a wall and has a cork backing that allows for the lapel trading pin to be fixed onto it. Transporting them to conventions is almost impossible as they are awkward to move around and it is easy for the pins to fall off the board. But for home displays this one is likely the best for those that like to have their collection in full view of anyone that enters the room.