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“Think outside the trading pin” and design trading pins for your team that will be a true home run this season!

Baseball and softball teams! Now’s the time to “think outside the trading pin.” Embroidered patches are a great way to extend the life of your trading pin! For pennies on a dollar, The Monterey Company can transfer the exact same image from your metal pin to colorful threads on soft material.

These embroidered patches are larger, so your team’s name and mascot are larger, and can easily be applied to jackets, hats, jerseys, and duffle bags.

Just like the “bells and whistles” of trading pins, embroidered patches from The Monterey Company can also include metallic or glow-in-the-dark threads. Just imagine your jacket glowing when the lights go out!

Everything is done with a computer-generated sewing machine, so your team’s pin image will look exactly like your lapel pin image. Just try and tell the difference!

Price breaks start at 50 and go on up to 2,000. They can be good for your team! For example, if you purchased 500 embroidered 2-inch patches, the price break would be less than 55 cents each. Then you could sell them at your team’s concession stands for $2 each to raise money for your team!

The best part is that your team’s embroidered patch can live on beyond the regular baseball season. Larger sized patches (7 inches or larger) can be applied to backs of jackets and stadium blankets, or even framed to hang on your coach’s wall!

Wanna see some, We’d be glad to send you some samples that show’s off our company’s craftsmanship. Now’s the time to “think outside the trading pin” to embroidered patches!

The peace sign, the Yin-Yang sign, and the American flag are some more examples of how popular pins can become awesome samples!

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