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Danglers make your trading pins extra eye-catching.

LED blinkies, danglers, spinners, sliders, and glitter?all call special attention to your baseball trading pins. These “bells and whistles” make them more attractive and ultimately more tradeable.

“Danglers have always been popular because they are an inexpensive way to add the current year to your trading pin,” explained one customer. “As a separate pin that dangles below, it calls attention to the year.”

It also makes it easy to update your design,” added one of our salespeople. “When a trading pin design works well, most customers want to stick with it. So they add a dangler to update their pin each year.”

Danglers are smaller pins, generally ¾ inches or less, that are attached to the main trading pin. Most danglers come in the shape of a baseball with the current year printed on them but not necessarily.

A dangler can be any shape you like, including your home state, mascot or division. The main rule for danglers is to keep them simple.

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