Tight on money? No worries, trading pins on a budget can still look just as awesome.

Towards the end of the baseball trading pin season (May through August) each year, customers ask for smaller trading pins. On average, the trading pin sizes range from 1 ½ inches to 2 ½ inches, with 1 ¾ being the norm. However, in late July, the requests for trading pins can drop to 1 ¼ inches or even 1 inch. “Customers are on a budget, but they still want their players to participate in the trading pin ceremonies at the World Series or Cooperstown,” said one salesperson from The Monterey Company, a leading trading pin manufacturer for the past 19 years. “Trading pins on a tight budget, We can certainly accommodate you!” adds Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. “A 1 ¼ inch trading pin can be interesting and tradable if it has an unusual shape, or if you add glitter.” Glitter is an inexpensive way to call attention to a smaller trading pin. At .15 cents apiece, it adds sparkle out in the sunshine and lasts a long time. Stark advises putting glitter on the largest part of the pin. “Because with smaller trading pins, it can be challenging for our factory workers to put glitter on some tiny areas, such as the diamonds on the back of a snake,” he said. “Glitter on the state or team?s name is a good idea. Your Monterey Company salesperson can advise you.” Adding unusual shapes to the design of your trading pin can create interest too. “Instead of making it a standard round or rectangular pin, cut out the shapes and make it custom made,” adds the salesperson. Look to The Monterey Company Trading Pin Gallery for ideas on other pins. For assistance with your trading pin this season, call The Monterey Company toll free at 800-259-6496.