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Printed or classic embossed? The style of your trading pins makes a world of difference.

Trading pins are printed in mass each baseball season. A printed pin features enamel colors atop a metal pin with clear epoxy coating overall. Most of our customers prefer printed pins because they are lightweight, able to show a wide spectrum of colors, and generally, have a quick turnaround time.

“Depending on the time of year, we can create a printed lapel pin in 7 to 14 days,” said one of our salespeople. “Most of our customers prefer printed pins for their lightweight versatility.” With printed pins, turn around time can be much faster, which is why some opt for this option with it comes to trading pins.

However, another trading pin customer prefers Classic Embossed for his baseball team, especially now that his players are older. “We like the look and weight of the Embossed Soft Enamel pin,” he said. “We want a lot of gold metal showing through. It catches the sunlight and makes the pin more appealing and tradeable.” Embossed soft enamel trading pins are incredibly classy looking and are great for a long lasting pin that can become an antique collectible in the future.

As a rule, Classic Embossed pins have more shine and weight, but that need not be a concern. We always add two attachments to the back of larger pins, especially those with LED blinkies. Which is a good reminder. Classic Embossed trading pins, can have bling added to them, which takes the amount of creative manufacturing to a whole other level and backings can be chosen that best suits the weight of the pin.

It’s important to note that anything is really possible. As stated earlier, the only limitations here are your imagination, even when applied to the backs of trading pins. “Our customers always have the option of trading two butterfly attachments for a single safety pin attachment,” added the salesperson. “Many of them find it easier to handle.”

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