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Sliders give your trading pins a fun and unique flair.

The best way to set your trading pin apart from the others is to add some “bells and whistles,” such as a spinner, slider or blinkie. Blinkies add light, to your trading pin while spinners and sliders add movement. Nothing is more eye-catching then bells and whistles, and if you’re going to create a custom trading pin, wouldn’t you want to get the most bang for your design buck?

Last season, a baseball team from California created a trading pin that had an unusual slider. Generally, sliders are baseball-shaped, but this team’s slider was in the shape of an airplane. Which we must say, we loved. Nothing gets us going more than customers that love to think outside the trading pin box and expand their creative horizons!

Their coach explained: “Our team was going to play in several tournaments on their way to Cooperstown, New York. We wanted a trading pin that would document our achievement,” he said. Very very cool!

Our salesperson and designer included quite a few elements on the trading pin, which was in the shape of the United States. The plane jumped to four cities from California to New York. Instead of windows on the airplane, they substituted baseballs with each of the player’s numbers on them so all team members were included on the trading pin.

To keep the plane slider on the from spinning around, our factory placed an extra piece to the back that kept the entire piece secure and sturdy for the most rugged of wearers. It’s one of the things that was incredibly important to us as a company – finding a factory that not only created high-quality items but also could get innovative with the increasingly creative pieces we sent them. It’s one of the reasons why the Monterey Company is becoming the leading maker and seller of custom-made trading pins.

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