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Create your own original pendants and charms with The Monterey Company!

custom charmsArtisan websites like and are giving artists a massively expanded forum in which to sell their goods at. It has also accelerated the rate at which trends evolve into the next new thing as artists feed off of the discoveries of others. One such trend is the hand stamped pendant.

Hand stamped pendants can be truly hand stamped or designed to appear that way with a variety of fonts and distressed finishes on the metal. They have been around for a while, but have continued to change as more and more designers gain access to better materials and to businesses like the Monterey Company that can give them a free range on what they can actually create.

The beauty of using companies such as ours is that there is no need to actually know how to work with metal to design and achieve high-end custom pendants or charms. Hiring an emblematic jewelry company allows the designer to use any metal they want like sterling silver, nickel, gold. With affordable prices, it becomes easier for the artist to mass produce certain pieces in order to offer more.

Handmade pendants and charms usually have a single image printed or struck into them. When custom pieces are done the also include names of people, dates of birth, and quotes. But now the addition of semiprecious and precious stones has slowly begun to make an appearance and this is truly exciting!

Any cut of stone added to a distressed, matte finished, sterling silver, round pendant with a lovely script font and a quote makes a bold and alluring statement. It has opened a path for an entirely new generation of these timeless hand custom charms and pendants as well as given jewelry artist more material to work within the creation of their adornment vision.

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