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Gear up for the Presidential election with Political Lapel Pins.

There is no way you can be part of the Western world and not know we are gearing up for the presidential elections here in the United States.  Everywhere we look, on TV, magazines, newspapers, internet news sources, blogs, magazines, and in our communities are images of our candidates and slogans that just can’t stop talking at us.

It is both exhilarating and exhausting during this time for most of the United States.  We have a huge decision to make ahead of us and each detail, each debate, each interview, past samples of performance, and so much more is being carefully looked at by the media, as well as we the people.  It is a huge responsibility to choose who we will vote for, and for many who engage in this right with consciousness, there is a need to really understand what is at play here, rather than to vote out of a knee-jerk reaction.

You might be thinking, ‘Why would a lapel pin company even care about any of this stuff?”  Well, the truth is, we are just that kind of company.  We take our civic duty seriously, and although we as a whole represent quite a few parties, we seem to be on the same page, that making informed choices is always best for each of us, even if there might be disagreement on who it is each person is actually voting for.

This conversation takes place often in our offices as more and more campaign lapel pins and US flag lapel pins get ordered and sent out over the last few months.  We have come to understand it’s part of a four-year cycle we enjoy and feel honored to be a part of even if in this small way.

The custom lapel pins we make are about helping to spread the word, educate, start conversations.  You know we were made for this!  So while we spend the next month talking about politics, elections, and voting, we know you will be too.  The countless pins we have been sending out for the last few months assures us of this in a small way and it makes us proud to be a bit of a catalyst for such dialogue.

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