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Lapel Pins have changed over the years, and we are excited to be a part of the creative evolution.

Its challenging to find a definitive recording of the history of lapel pins.  It seems that some of the first mentions of the use of lapel pins are from the American Civil War.  They were created to help designate to which unit servicemen belonged and, in some cases, which side.  Lapel pins also encouraged a sense of belonging and pride in the group.

Throughout the years, it was the military that seemed to be using lapel pins the most.  It was in both World War I and World War II that lapel pins began to be given out to those chosen to receive recognition of service and accomplishments as opposed to everyone in the military.  This practice shaped the culture of lapel pins tremendously and now, using them as a form of reward and recognition reigns in the military.  This tradition continues to this day in other industries as well.

Other groups have picked up on the tradition and create lapel pins to recognize their members for exemplary service and membership.  Organizations like police departments, firefighters, veterans groups, medical professionals,  businesses, schools and many more use lapel pins for the purpose of recognition and now, even for marketing.

Lapel pins create a sense of affiliation, personal pride, make political statements, and help promote causes.  They have even gone as far as to become part of a worldwide collection culture where people collect and trade pins all over the world.  And, even in the case of the Disney Lapel Pin trading world, many pins are worth a great deal of money as they age.  Lapel pins are wearable art and the designs are now as varied and rich as the years of history with which they come.

Here at The Monterey Company, we have helped design and make lapel pins for a huge variety of customers such as the military, private consumers that want to create them for friends and families at reunions, schools, fundraisers, and large corporations.  What’s most exciting about participating in the creation of these pins is the constantly evolving creativity that seems to be generated by working closely with each client.  We’re excited to be a part of that evolution and to see how the use of lapel pins continues to expand in the coming years.

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