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Celebrating the things you love is just too easy with custom lapel pins.

It’s coming, and it’s a holiday we all love, isn’t it? But more then anything the most fun in many ways seems to be had by the children. School-age children get to color, create and then go through the excitement of creating their own Valentine card pouch so their classmates can go around and place all sorts of cards and hard candies behind their desk chairs at school.

Last year at this time we talked about the growing trend of making custom lapel pins for Valentine giveaways as opposed to cards that are not only perishable but environmentally taxing. Custom lapel pins are a piece of art that a child can take pride in and also learn a great deal about design with by moving through the steps of creating one with a professional designer like ours, that are there to work with clients for free prior to submitting the order for the pins.

In our quest to remain on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to our design and custom lapel pins, we are really beginning to understand that our children are moving along with technologies pace in how they interact with the world and create. Sitting down to draw or paint a Valentine card that can then be turned into a 3D etched design, or a photographic imprinted pin, is a thrilling process that is both fun and educational. And of course what they are left with is a brilliant and affordable Valentine token that can be passed out to all their friends. Of course, a special one can be made for little Kimmie too!

Teachers and parents can call us and set up a time and outline the process needed for taking on this kind of project. It’s actually quite easy and can take less than two weeks to see through.

We wish you a creative and loving Valentines Day!

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