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Volunteer recognition pins are a great way to change the world.

awareness-pins-blue-ribbon-pinWhat are volunteer pins? How do they work? Well, let’s begin with the words that started it all; make a difference! This soul fulfilling, inspirational message is one that almost every organization boasts. And with more than 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the U.S. alone, volunteer organizations are changing the way we think, act and live. But, how are there so many? And how are they growing?  Well dear reader, if you need to spread the word of your nonprofit, promote your organization, or simply thank your members and donators, read on! You may even find that this article could change the way your nonprofit group functions and more importantly, receives donations. When most people think recognition lapel pins, they may think of cancer awareness ribbon pins. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that there are much more ways to use custom award pins. Those colorful ribbons of metal are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the uses of recognition lapel pins for organizations.

Realize goals, ideas, and accomplishments with volunteer recognition pins.

Get creative. This is one of the many things I love most about nonprofits. Changing the way societies and cultures act isn’t simply done by stating an opinion. It’s done through planning, recruiting, more planning and lots of work and action. T-shirts may be sold, hats handed out, and pamphlets hung in billboards everywhere. However, one of the most popular and surprisingly less talked about ways to promote any organization is custom volunteer recognition lapel pins. Handcrafted with fine metals and high-quality materials, volunteer pins are super durable, can be vibrantly colored with select dyes and are made just for your organization. In fact, because they are custom, it’s easy to design these pins any way you want. Want a realistic image? You got it. A logo or lettering? Done. Our process is simple, efficient and aims first and foremost to guarantee your satisfaction. It is important to us that you love the recognition lapel pins you receive.  That’s why we check and double check to ensure that the end product is the perfect product for you.awareness lapel pin

Volunteer Recognition Pins make your organization shine.

Volunteer recognition pins are also like the perfect walking advertisement. Our society is all about accessorizing, and this makes lapel pins the perfect candidate to represent any group. After receiving recognition lapel pins, many people will attach them to their jackets, shirts, hats and even bags. But wait, there’s more! Any conversation about your volunteer pins can almost guarantee that the word of your work will spread. Whether handing them out at an event, using them to thank your donators or volunteers, it’s easy to customize pins perfectly for your needs. Better yet, you can build community with a custom awareness pin. Really get people engaged and get them excited. Volunteer recognition pins are not only for promotional uses; they are for strengthening bonds as well. How do organizations maintain such a productive community? By having something in common. A goal, a dream, a thought -a commitment. Verify that commitment by designing volunteer pins that represent it. Every person in your group is an important member, and every person contributes to helping create change. Now it’s your turn.

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