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Introducing Recognition Lapel Pins

Great employees deserve great rewards that are as functional and essential as your employees are to your business.

The work your employees do for your business is essential and unique. Your appreciation for them should be as well.
That’s why we promise to always provide you with durable, creative and artful recognition pins that are intuitive to your business and speak volumes to your employees about the work they do for it. However, before purchasing recognition lapel pins, there are several aspects you should consider in order to receive the most genuine product possible.
Material- Looking Past the Price and into the Profit.
Recognition for your employees should be shown sincerely, and we understand that. That means that it is important to us to provide you with high-quality materials to craft your recognition lapel pins with. The Higher quality material also means that your lapel pins will have a longer durability make and lifespan. Although higher quality may mean a more cost inefficient purchase at the time, you are investing in your company by reflecting your appreciation of the work that your employees do for your business. High-quality material means a reliable structure, creative detail, and an appreciative value that will outshine time for many years to come.
When it comes to crafting lapel pins, we are loyal to hard work and time well spent. We don’t just say, “high-quality lapel pins,” we show it in the work custom recognition pinswe put into them. High-quality lapel pins are hand polished on all three sides and detailed skillfully and with incisive care. High-quality craftsmanship also shows your employees that you are grateful for the clever and intuitive work they do for you and your business. Metals- Worth Their Weight in Gold, Silver or Platinum. Although nickel, copper, brass, and bronze are all offered as viable material options for lapel pins, we also offer platinum, gold, and silver as more astute and elegant alternatives. Investing more into your lapel pins means investing more into the satisfaction of your employees and the well-being of your business. By giving your employees the high-quality recognition lapel pins they deserve, you are showing them that they offer unique, functional and valued qualities to the business.

Gemstones- The Colors of Recognition. Although a clean metal lapel pin can be tastefully minimalist, gemstones are another creative and more personal addition to employee recognition pins. Small chips of gemstones are popular and inexpensive to add and may be used to create a more individualistic and thoughtful pin. From team colors to military academy colors, gemstones can always contribute a considerate and valid aspect to your recognition lapel pins.
Sandblasting- Contrasting and Defining the Important Parts.
Lastly, your lapel pins have the option to undergo an enhancing procedure called sandblasting. This technique smooths and reduces the background luster of the pin while keeping the shine and acuity of the top layer visible. This procedure draws attention to the emblems, lettering, and gemstones and causes them to contrast aesthetically with the background metal used in the lapel pin.
Your employees are what makes your business functional and prosperous. They provide unique insight and skills and deserve an equally unique and skillfully made thank-you. Recognition Lapel Pins are a great way to appreciate your employees in a way that is both genuine and inexpensive. We want you to be able to show sincere and individualistic appreciation for your employees with high-quality recognition lapel pins while also keeping cost and convenience in mind. Because we believe in appreciating what makes your dream functional and successful, The Monterey Company provides you with high-quality materials and customizable features that you can utilize to create a thank-you that will last for years.

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