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Custom Shaped Pins

The shape of your lapel pin is an important part of dictating it’s custom design. And with The Monterey Company, that’s just one aspect of designing a custom pin perfect for you.

The shape of your lapel pin can be as unique as your company or cause. Most pins are 1-inch round or square in nature. Baseball trading pins tend to be larger, such as 1.75 inches, and take on diamond shapes that resemble their playing fields.

However, you don’t have to limit the shape to circles or squares. You can “think outside the box” to other organic shapes. Look at your company’s logo or design. Is there something that you can pull out to make an interesting shape?

Here are some examples of how our customers capitalized on unusual elements:

  • After a hurricane hit their area, one Fortune 500 Company was struggling and needed to motivate their sales force. The customer asked us to create a lapel pin as part of a meeting package. After some discussion of their logo and meeting theme, the customer and our salesperson decided on a steam engine that stretched across a triangular-shaped pin. “We liked the unusual shape because it caught your attention from across the room,” she said. “Then the message of the steam engine moving forward came into play.”
  • One enterprising realtor in Sylvia Lake, NY, wanted to give out awards to residents who lived on the lake. What better idea than to create a pin that resembled the actual shape of the lake”

Other shapes have taken on significance by different groups, here are some examples:

  • LEAVES: nature centers, arborists, recycling
  • ANIMALS: animal rescue groups, breeders
  • STARS: law enforcement, military, corporate achievement
  • APPLES: teachers, growers
  • HEARTS: Valentine’s Day, jewelers, cardiac groups
  • CROSSES: religious, church groups
  • RIBBONS: various awareness groups
  • HANDS: child development centers, teachers
  • FEATHERS: Native American groups, aviary conservationists

As you can see, you can make your pin shape as unique as your company or group!

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