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Ever since LED lights were invented, blinkies have been popular on baseball trading pins.

Get noticed with blinkies that make your trading pins shine.

Their bright light lasts a long time and the flash calls attention to that part of the trading pin. In short, blinkies make your pin highly sought after and tradable. Oftentimes, players can get two or even three trading pins in exchange for just one blinkie.

Now that The Monterey Company has made blinkies affordable again, the question is, “Where do I put a blinkie?”

The most obvious place is where you want all the attention. All eyes will be drawn to the red flashing light.

The most popular place to put a blinkie is on your team’s mascot, such as in one of the eyes. Red flashing blinkies have replaced pupils in bulldogs, lizards, mustangs, demons, pirates, and even soft shell crabs.

When an eye turns red, it looks more menacing and “cool” to young players. Even a soft shell crab can look like a contender with a red blinkie in its eye.

Another favorite place to put a blinkie is in place of a baseball. For example, a baseball player from Legends was in the midst of hitting the ball. When the blinkie was turned on, the ball looked red hot–as if it would burn a hole right through the bleachers.

Blinkies have also enhanced the tip of a tornado and a hornet’s stinger.

However, there are only two limits as to where you can put a blinkie. It cannot be added on top of a spinner or slider. The battery attachment would weigh them down and inhibit their movement, thereby defeating its purpose.

Other than that, the sky’s the limit when it comes to blinkies. Your Monterey Company salesperson can advise you as to the best place to put your blinkie. Call us today!

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