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Custom Destination Imagination Pins will help you win any trading event!

Nestled in the heart of Knoxville, TN, Destination Imagination or DI is a nonprofit visionary center that motivates teams of youths and young adults worldwide to inspire their imagination and celebrate their creativity. Just like you might collect postcards from foreign countries, kids attending Destination Imagination collect something a bit different, yet equally as treasured and sentimental–Destination Imagination pins. Crucial to the end of year Global Finals at DI, pin trading represents a once in a lifetime event that encourages young minds to share ideas, and in the case of this special nonprofit –cultural differences and customs. These trading pins are usually decorated in bright colors and show the individual spirit of the team, which prove the trading pins fascinating to collect because it is not unusual for DI to attract teams from across the globe. Trading pins at the Global Finals have become a beloved tradition over the 17 years that Destination Imagination has been a catalyst in society, and for reasons that encourage teams to celebrate their diversity –whether cultural or idea-wise.

It seems that just about everything that includes Destination Imagination begins with an idea, and trading pins are no different. Before attending the Global Final in May, Destination Imagination teams from around the world exercise creativity and ingenuity to come up with a pin that will catch the trading pin event at the Global Finals by surprise, so that other teams will want to trade with them –and maybe even trade at a higher exchange rate. During the event, kids strive to collect as many custom pins as possible, some even with motives in mind –such as collecting trading pins from different countries. Just like they advocate kids to exercise creativity, Destination Imagination encourages its special students to make friendships that last beyond the context of DI, and trading pins are important to this step of the nonprofit program. Social opportunities help young minds develop and grow, and what’s more important, trading pins offer unique opportunities for friendships to form that wouldn’t under normal circumstances.Rock Destination Imagination Lapel Pin

One of the many things that makes Destination Imagination unique is their reach to other countries. Brilliant minds aren’t isolated to the USA, and neither are DI’s events for them. DI nurtures the minds of the future by educating them in imaginative and creative ways such as trading pins, which allows teams to express their individual interests and logos. Teams have fun coming up with different things to put on pins, and trading them offers amazing opportunities for teams to be introduced to other youth from all over the world. The youth of today are the pioneers of tomorrow, and it is important to nurture ideas and goals that will build a better future for the whole world. At Destination Imagination, they support a tradition that encourages team spirit, creative thinking and a trading process that encourages sentimental collections and builds friendships. A tradition that has gained popularity over the years and has become a staple in the Destination Imagination Global Finals today –and that tradition is pin trading.

Support your own Destination Imagination team’s spirit by designing your own super cool trading pins today! Just click the Destination Imagination tab under “Pins” at the top of the webpage and let your imagination take you a pin-tastic destination today!

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