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Custom designing service pins is surprisingly simple.gemstone custom pin

Making a custom service pin with stones or engraved years of service can be a bit confusing, as many options are available. The first thing to consider is the cost of the pins. If you are looking for a gold or silver pin with stones a few options should be considered.

  1. Would you like a plated pin or solid gold or gold filled custom service pin, sterling silver or silver plated?
  2. Real stones or synthetic gemstones?
  3. There are two options when adding years to a pin. Engraved years of service is the most economical way to include the years on a pin. Years in raised metal as part of the die is also a great option when come to anniversaries but is a more expensive way of including years on a recognition pin.
  4. Years of service pins can include different color stones representing the different years of service.
  5. Attachment options include: Deluxe clutch, safety pin, magnet back and tie tack.
  6. Quantity per year of service.
  7. Packaging options include plastic boxes, velveteen boxes and velveteen bags.

There is no minimum order on service pins and please feel free to ask us on the best way to incorporate your logo or design into a pin that you will be proud of.

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