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custom-pins-chinaOrdering custom lapel pins from overseas companies.

Safety Issues?

When you order custom made lapel pins from overseas, you cannot be assured your lapel pin will be made from safe materials. It may contain lead or other hazardous materials.


Good communications are vital, especially when you’re working with a company to custom design a recognition pin. If you are dealing with a Chinese factory, communications may be difficult, making miscommunications inevitable. The net result is the receipt of shoddily designed employee recognition pins.

Extra Expenses

When you order lapel pins overseas, there may be bonds, taxes, and duty bills, so while it may at first appear that you?re getting a great deal on your employee recognition pins, you’ll probably wind up getting less than you expected.

Employee Relations

Your company pin should come from a company that respects its employees and treats them fairly. It?s hard to determine if a Chinese factory is treating its employees fairly or even paying them anything close to fair wages. Working conditions in China are often, and you may be ordering from a factory that doesn’t pay their worker’s fair wages. That?s not the type of factory you want to order employee recognition pins from. Ordering recognition pins from a questionable company send the wrong message to your own employees.

Lost Orders

If you’re ordering employee recognition pins, chances are you need them in time for a ceremony honoring employees or an important event. Can you trust that your employee recognition pins won?t be lost during the shipping process? And do they have contingency plans if your employee recognition pins are lost?

Quality Options

Custom made lapel pins involve creative, quality craftsmanship. That’s what makes them custom. When you order a recognition pin from Chinese factories, it’s often little more than a cheap piece of metal with a sticker on top. You should expect more in a custom pin.

Careful Shipping

When your custom made lapel pins are ready for shipping, can you rely on the company you ordered them from to pack them carefully so the recognition pin does not arrive scratched or damaged?


Overseas companies often require payment upfront before you receive your custom made lapel pins. Do you know if your credit card company will support you when and if you have a problem with the order?


Imagine your employee ceremony is fast approaching. Will your employee recognition pins be there on time for the event? If you?ve ordered your recognition pin from a Chinese factory, you may not be able to confirm if the employee recognition pins have shipped or if your custom made lapel pins will arrive on time.


No one likes to return items, and if you have to return your custom made lapel pins to China, it may be difficult, time-consuming, or impossible to get a refund.

Whether you’re looking for a recognition pin or employee recognition pins, it’s important to know you?re dealing with a reputable firm that creates quality custom made lapel pins. Chinese factories are often much less than they appear on paper. Your custom-made lapel pins are important, so take the time to find the best company for your order. Chances are, it won?t be a Chinese factory.

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