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Reward years of dedications with bejeweled service pins.

patriotic ribbon custom lapel pinYears of dedicated service should be rewarded. That’s why many service pins are often punctuated with faux diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Each gemstone marks the number of years with the company.

“It’s so much easier to add a gemstone to a service pin than try to add text that says, ‘one year,’ ‘five years’ or more,” said one customer from a large corporation. “We like our service pins to be elegant and uncluttered. “This way, we recognize our employees, encourage them to stay with our company and create status.”

You also don’t have to put the gemstone at the bottom of the pin. It can be incorporated into the design or cleverly inserted into the company’s name or logo. “This works well if your company’s name has an ‘O’ or the number zero,” adds Paul Stark, President of The Monterey Company.

Although faux gemstones are more popular, real diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are also available to enhance your service pins. Ask your salesperson for a custom price.

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