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The Monterey Company Tree Reforestation Project

planting ten trees

Monterey Eden Reforestation Project

The Monterey Company is committed to planting trees in countries where the wildlife is threatened by of deforestation. We have decided to plant ten trees for every order that is placed with us. We are currently working with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees In Madagascar. Currently, the country of Madagascar has been deforested by 80%.

75% of the species found on Madagascar do not live anywhere else on the planet. Our current goal is to plant trees in six different countries around the world.

Hiring local villagers to plant trees.

Mangrove reforestation is currently our focus as it provides habitat for wildlife and jobs for locals. By planting trees in deforested areas, locals are able to make a decent income so they can provide for their families.

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We will plant ten trees for every order placed

For every order placed, the Monterey Company will plant ten trees. We are currently planting trees in Northwest Madagascar 15°43′00″ S, 46°19′00″



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